Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

It's Mother's Day, and some of us have got together to post our thoughts to the Mothers in our lives. I know I had my nightmare moments as a kid and now I know some of the stress I may have caused my Mom. I also remember those great moments we had and still have since I have grown up.

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“Who ran to help me when I fell,
And would some pretty story tell,
Or kiss the place to make it well?
My mother.”
~Ann Taylor
Mom, you taught me too much to explain all of the happiness that you brought into my life. To my wife, you are a very special woman and I could never imagine being in your shoes and our daughter could never have a more loving mother.

Scott Behson. Fathers, Work and Family blog.
You know how revved up Nick gets on nights you come home late and he gets out of bed, hides/jumps out to surprise you, runs around like a loony, and can’t get enough of cuddling and laughing with you? I feel that way too.

Happy Mother’s Day to the best wife and mom I could imagine. You have given me the gifts of true love, the amazing life we’re building together, and of fatherhood. I can never repay what you have given me. But I’ll spend every day trying.

Concretin Nik. DadLabs.
Mother is the word for God on the lips and hearts of all children.” – Eric Draven
The greatest thing that’s ever happened to me is a direct result of the second greatest thing that’s ever happened to me, TheBoy&HisMother. I love you both. Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother's Day to four special women: To my mother, for unconditional love always, no matter what I ever did or said. To my mother in law, Nana, for the love and support. Seeing RJ with his Nana warms my heart. To my grandmother, matriarch of our family four generations strong, and enough love in her heart for many more. And lastly to my wife. RJ and I are so blessed to have you in our life.

Scotty Schrier, Dads Who Change Diapers
There are only 26 paltry letters to describe the most important women in my life:
The one who gave birth to me and left this plane before meeting my sons.
The one who married me and gave birth to the two most amazing little miracles I have ever seen.
And the one who took my mother’s place and made me one of her own.
There are no words that can describe the debt I owe these women. I only hope that my actions can show them how much I truly care. For without them, I would be but a pale image of the man I am today. I love each and every one of you with all of the ferocity of a thousand suns. Thank you for putting up with me and loving me back. Especially when I didn’t deserve it.

Eric from Dad on The Run.
My Mother looked life’s greatest obstacles in the eye and kept on trucking while I grew up with little understanding of that. Over the years Mom’s physical abilities have deteriorated due to her ongoing battle with MS. However, her mental steadfastness and unconditional love have remained unchanged. Her love is an anchor during any storm and it taught me what love could be and what I could find in a wife, which brings me to another great mother in my life. The love and encouragement my wife can deliver to another human amazes me and when she focuses those gifts on our children they light up in very special ways. Of course, I also have to thank my wife’s mother for raising not one, but two, fantastic Mom’s and I look on with pride and great expectations to my own sister who is a new Mom this year!  Thank you to these mothers, and all great mothers, for what you do for your children and the world every day.


Victor Aragon Jr of

This Mother’s Day is going to be a special one, because it will be our first one with our new addition.  Last year, my wife worked and our plans with family members fell apart, so it wasn’t a good one for my wife.  This year, I am hoping to erase that memory and hopefully have a great one.  My wife and I have known each other for over sixteen years.  In those years it seems like even with our ups and downs, we are constantly getting to know each other and our love keeps getting stronger.  I am thankful for having her in my life and for all the hard work that she does for me and the little ones.  Thank you for all you do babe, I love you.

There is another great woman in my life that if wasn’t for her I wouldn’t exist; my mother.  My mom is a strong woman and I am very thankful for all that she does for my family.  Even though I am not her little boy anymore, my mother still insists on giving me money for gas or to get something for my little girl.  My mom and dad have always gone above and beyond for my sisters and me and I feel that I am trying the best that I can to repay them for everything they did.  I would like to thank my mother for all her sacrifices and to tell her how much I love her.  Thanks Mom.  

As always, thanks for reading.

DorkDad from

Because of the way you move through the room. Because of the way your smile sounds on your voice. Because every single curve on your body is in exactly the right place. Because of the way your hair smells and the way it tickles my face.  Because of the twinkle in your eyes when you’re making mischief, and the look on your face when you’re asleep. Because of the feel of your heart and the warmth of your skin when you’re holding me. Because of the magic you made with our children, and the magic you make with our family. Because everything I love about my life I can trace directly back to you.
Thank you.
Happy Mother’s Day.

Dave Lesser, Amateur Idiot / Professional Dad,

A Mother’s Day Haiku

Mother’s Day is here
I forgot a card again
Glad I’ve got a blog!

Mom, I love you. I don’t say it often enough, but you’re awesome. You did an outstanding job raising me (and those two other dudes who kind of look like me).

Allie, what can I say? You’re an unbelievable mother and an amazing wife. This whole family would be lost without you. Literally. I just cannot follow the turn-by-turn directions on my phone without you in the passenger’s seat. Again, this is not a metaphor. Well, maybe it is a little. I’m an idiot. But I’m your idiot and you’re stuck with me. You and the kids are my world. Thank you for everything, everything you do. I love you a super friggin’ jillion much!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Neal Call. Raised by my daughter.

I just want to say a humble thank you to my mother, my wife, and to all women who bear or nurture these little seeds that bring purity and wonder into the world. The "bearing" part is pretty awesome and mind-boggling, but at least as important is the part involving raising these creatures; of sacrificing what you want for what they need; of protecting them so desperately and then encouraging them to spread their wings. These are things that anybody can do, male or female, but I've learned the most about them from the women in my life. So, thanks.

Jeff Bogle, from the internet. Specifically, but limited to:

My ability to find the perfect set of curtains for the dining room and my knowledge of how to wash them and hang them damp to dry without creases. My need to vacuum my way out of a room. And my dry humor that has served me, mostly well.  Most of what people like about me, I am because of you. And to this day I enjoy talking with you on the phone almost daily, even when it is you calling me because you, once again, cannot figure out how to properly interact with technological devices. I love you, Mom, more than I’ll ever be able to write down, because even though I string sentences together every day, for some kind of living, I have yet to be able to find the correct combination of letters and words to form the single sentence that does you justice. Thank you for everything, Mom.

James Rohl, Portland Dad, Trophy Husband, and favorite son,

Thank you mom for showing me how to be radically hospitable, fiercely loyal, and emotionally available. I am thankful to call you my mom, and proud to call you my friend. Happy Mother’s Day.

Colby Shipwash from Days of a Domestic Dad:

You hug, you play, you teach, you love; you are their Mom and friend forever.

To my loving wife, and mom to our children, I want to thank you for being a wonderful mom all the time. A day doesn't go by that I am not grateful for you, and that our kids are lucky to have you in their life.

Thank You and Happy Mother’s Day

Robert Duffer, Editor of Dads & Families section of The Good Men Project,

Because you built a lego racecar ramp in our basement that would’ve made the Pinewood Derby and MacGyver proud,
Because you made your own pinata, your own decorations, your own party for 30 first graders,
Because your daughter handles a hockey stick like you, laughs like you, smiles like you, needs like you, plays like you, cares like you, loves like you,
Because you fly home when your grandparents are ill,
Because you adventure, you explore, you inquire,
Because you love without condition, and you care without self,
You are the most wonderful mother, a role model, a hero.

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Booby Trap

There are several things that you will face while co-sleeping with your family, but there is one thing that is dreaded around all of our households. The Booby Trap. This is when you go to bed and you find your little one in your spot.

Once you see that there is a booby trap in your area DO NOT touch the trap until you survey the situation.

How sensitive the booby trap is is the first thing to think about. If you touch the trap will it go off with a house-waking siren? Or can it be moved gently without tripping the alarm? Some are more sensitive than others and each trap can change in sensitivity each time you encounter the same one, so test your limits with a slight touch. If it moves then LEAVE IT ALONE and sleep elsewhere that night.

If the sensitivity survey passes and there is a way to move the trap out of the way there are several things that need to be done. If you can not multitask or smoothly slide your body across a cloth surface I would highly recommend practicing on the couch or during day hours. There are many ways to move the trap out of the way without setting it off, but there are two things to keep in mind. One, slow, fluid-like movements, and two, be prepared to cuddle and "shhhhh..." while sliding into your spot. The shh is vital when a disturbed booby trap starts to count down. (similar to cutting the red wire)

You must remember you have choices here. There have been many times that the booby trap had to be left alone and this is the time for creativity. I have found The Wife curled up on the bottom of the bed and I have slept in that position as well until I got The Wife's feet in my face. You can survey the booby trap several times throughout the night and there are many times that it resets itself in another position. Pay attention to the set. A different set can make it possible to enjoy sleeping in your own bed.

If you do find yourself in a position to move this trap this is what works most of the time for me. First you MUST position yourself to slide the trap to the side and leave room for you to lay down at the same time. Next, GENTLY slide the trap by placing your arms on the upper end of the trap and spinning it from the middle. While spinning, lay down as close as you can to the trap. (IT WILL MOVE UNCONTROLLED) Be ready to put your arms around the booby trap and "shhh" repeatedly. This is the most important part to make sure the trap does not trigger. If all goes well you will hear a whine or two but don't be alarmed. Just keep shhing and cuddling. Once you hear quiet again then you know that you are safe.

By no means does this work all of the time and sometimes it will go off. Sometimes they are disarmed easily, but there are always those traps that are very destructive and that calls for a long night.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Angry Birds Star Wars Review and Giveaway

December of 2009 started an era of one of the most popular smart phone apps ever made, Angry Birds. In the game, players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed on or within various structures, with the intent of destroying all the pigs on the playing field.

Over the years there have been many versions of this app, and the newest and most popular is the Star Wars version. I have put two of the new real life games to the test over the this last weekend. Right in time for Star Wars Day.

The Millennium Falcon Bounce Game is a Millennium Falcon that you set up and try to bounce ping pong balls into. When you open the box, you have to put it together and there is a cardboard base for it. I gave up on putting all of the stickers on it and was able to get it together after several attempts. The Brookie kept taking it and flying it around, which is why it took me so long to get it together! It's definitely an appealing "toy" for toddlers! The actual game is a simple game. It seems like it would be good for smaller children, though it is a little difficult to put together. The cockpit on the side of it did not fit on properly and fell off all of the time, but that was purely cosmetic. Not sure if it's meant to come off so easily, or if there was something wrong with the one I got. Overall, it's a nice game, and my toddler loved losing all the balls for it!

The next game was the At-At Attack Battle Game. When you set this game up, it looks really cool. You set up the "Dark Side" in any configuration that you want and even that part is fun. As with all the games similar to this, it takes more time to set it up than knock it down. Every piece does have some good weight to it and each one seems to fly differently! I did have two issues with it though. One, we have hard wood floors and it is NOISY! I'm surprised The Brookie didn't come running out from her room to bust us playing with toys after she has gone to bed (see? they really do miss out when they go to bed). Two, The Wife wouldn't let me play very long because she kept hogging it.

Now for the fun part.....Hasbro is going to be sending one lucky winner one of these games to Celebrate May the 4th!!! Just use that Rafflecopter thing below to enter and...
May the Fourth be with you!

We Have Evolved

Over the last few years there has shift in the role of being a Dad.  Back in the days, dads were the figures in the household that you didn't speak to unless spoken to. They were a threat, "You just wait until your father gets home!" because they were seen as the authoritative disciplinarian who ruled the roost. They were seen as clueless in the kitchen and baby department. They were hardworking and always worked outside the home, but once in they sat down in their LazyBoy after a hard day's work, they expected to be catered to and waited on by their willing children and wives. I have been discussing the Daddy Role a lot these past few days with other dads, and boy times have sure changed 
Let's take a moment to discuss some of the normal things I do daily, that a father 30 years ago would have balked at. I do work a full time job outside the home, that part is "normal", and I also go to school full time online. At home I play with The Brookie, rock her to sleep each night, help my wife clean up the kitchen, change every diaper when I'm home,  read close to 30 blogs a day, keep up my social life with the other Dad Bloggers, and I even manage to sleep! 

Yes, I know I am a busy man, but that's my life, and I love it.

Dads still seem to have a bad name in a lot of circles. We are still viewed as bumbling idiots when it comes to our kids. The media still shows us as the parent who you can't leave the kids alone with, because the kitchen will get flooded, or the baby ends up wearing a trash bag for a diaper. The thing is, we aren't idiots or clueless anymore. We care about how our kids are raised, and we do crazy things like research vaccines or put cloth diapers on our kids. We don't want our good deeds to be ignored anymore! 

As of right now, the Wife is a stay-at-home-Mom. She takes care of things while I am gone at work, and she does a great job at keeping The Brookie from burning the house down or sacrificing goats in the name of toddlerdom. And sometimes the house is even clean (okay, more than sometimes). But when I get home I make sure to help out, spend time with my kid, put down the smart phone (still working on that one), and enjoy this role of being my kid's dad, because it goes by so fast. The point is, just give us dads some credit - most of us aren't doing too bad.