Friday, May 10, 2013

The Booby Trap

There are several things that you will face while co-sleeping with your family, but there is one thing that is dreaded around all of our households. The Booby Trap. This is when you go to bed and you find your little one in your spot.

Once you see that there is a booby trap in your area DO NOT touch the trap until you survey the situation.

How sensitive the booby trap is is the first thing to think about. If you touch the trap will it go off with a house-waking siren? Or can it be moved gently without tripping the alarm? Some are more sensitive than others and each trap can change in sensitivity each time you encounter the same one, so test your limits with a slight touch. If it moves then LEAVE IT ALONE and sleep elsewhere that night.

If the sensitivity survey passes and there is a way to move the trap out of the way there are several things that need to be done. If you can not multitask or smoothly slide your body across a cloth surface I would highly recommend practicing on the couch or during day hours. There are many ways to move the trap out of the way without setting it off, but there are two things to keep in mind. One, slow, fluid-like movements, and two, be prepared to cuddle and "shhhhh..." while sliding into your spot. The shh is vital when a disturbed booby trap starts to count down. (similar to cutting the red wire)

You must remember you have choices here. There have been many times that the booby trap had to be left alone and this is the time for creativity. I have found The Wife curled up on the bottom of the bed and I have slept in that position as well until I got The Wife's feet in my face. You can survey the booby trap several times throughout the night and there are many times that it resets itself in another position. Pay attention to the set. A different set can make it possible to enjoy sleeping in your own bed.

If you do find yourself in a position to move this trap this is what works most of the time for me. First you MUST position yourself to slide the trap to the side and leave room for you to lay down at the same time. Next, GENTLY slide the trap by placing your arms on the upper end of the trap and spinning it from the middle. While spinning, lay down as close as you can to the trap. (IT WILL MOVE UNCONTROLLED) Be ready to put your arms around the booby trap and "shhh" repeatedly. This is the most important part to make sure the trap does not trigger. If all goes well you will hear a whine or two but don't be alarmed. Just keep shhing and cuddling. Once you hear quiet again then you know that you are safe.

By no means does this work all of the time and sometimes it will go off. Sometimes they are disarmed easily, but there are always those traps that are very destructive and that calls for a long night.

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  1. What kind of trap is it when you wake up and one of them is sitting there, staring at you?

    We don't co-sleep often, but when we do, it's both super cute and extra nerve-wracking.